Web Work

That Fangirl, Writing (http://thatfangirlwriting.com)
My own personal website

A Touch of Texas Reflexology (http://texasreflexology.com)
designed and developed static site

Concussion (jan 2010 – apr 2013)

KonamiGaming.com (website has changed)
helped develop and maintain Joomla website

Route66Casino.com (website has changed)
helped maintain Drupal website

Heartlink (http://heartlinkplano.com)
Developed static php site

Bariatric Center (http://bariatriccenterplano.com)
Developed static php site

Neurolink (http://neurolinkplano.com)
Developed static php site

Breast Center (http://breastcenterplano.com)
Developed static php site

Women’slink (http://womenslinkplano.com)
Developed static php site

Ortholink (http://ortholinkplano.com)
Developed static php site

Shooting Star Casino (http://starcasino.com)
Developed DNN site with calendar

Plaza Heart (http://plazaheart.org)
Developed DNN website

Harris Finley and Bogle (http://hfblaw.com)
Developed WordPress site

developed static website

Choctaw Casinos (http://choctawcasinos.com)
helped develop a set of seven DNN sites

Klabzuba (http://klabzuba.com)
developed static website

Kids Who Care Musical Theatre (https://www.kidswhocare.org)
Developed DNN site with calendar

North Texas Tollway Authority (http://ntta.org)
Helped develop Sharepoint website

Warren Douglas (may 2013 – June 2016)

Dr Strock (http://drstrock.com)
finished development on wordpress site

Essilor Integrated Retail (http://essilorir.com)
finished development on wordpress site

Crizal Newsroom Module (http://crizalusa.com)
Developed dynamic javascript module to display content from external newsroom

CrizalUSA, VariluxUSA, and XperioUVUSA (http://crizalusa.com, http://variluxusa.com, http://xperiouvusa.com)
Maintain sharepoint websites

Choose Growth brochure
made online catalogue for internal use

Think About Your Eyes (http://thinkaboutyoureyes.com)
helped develop ruby site and cakephp site (primarily QA and the ECP profile pages)

Nikon Eyes microsite in CakePHP

Warren Douglas website in WordPress

Collora Piano website in WordPress

Texas Ballet Theatre website in WordPress

Briannas Salad Dressing website in WordPress

Wood Defender website in WordPress

VolunteerNow (June 2016 – oct 2018)

Voly.org (https://www.voly.org)
helped enhance and maintain large scale php, mysql, jquery, ElasticSearch site

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