Book Review: Beneath the Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire (Wayward Children #3)

The Wayward Children series doesn’t go in chronological order. The second book is a prequel to the first and this third one is the sequel. You don’t have to read book 2, but you should read book 1 before this one. I promise both of those are as amazing as this one.

Immediately, you aren’t put in the perspective of any of the characters from the first book. You get a new girl, Cora, who was a mermaid in the world she went to.

I adored Cora. I’m a fat girl and I so rarely get to see positive versions of myself in books so I loved seeing this awesome fat mermaid who saved her world. She also was rarely down on herself, just honest about how others tended to treat her. It was nice to see a character acknowledge that it’s a garbage way to treat a person without trying to list reasons or justify how they aren’t like those Other fat people who implicitly deserve to be treated that way?

So we get to have Christopher and Kade back, and we get to hear a lot more about Christopher’s Mariposa. We also get to see the Goblin Prince kick butt with a sword. And we also get Sumi back, because apparently she wasn’t supposed to die and now her daughter is trying to bring her back to life to avoid fading from existence. The only way to do that is by going to Sumi’s nonsense world of sugar.

This strikes such a great balance between the familiar of things we’d heard about in book 1 and brand new things to discover and keep us curious that it’s really hard to put down.

I’m desperately waiting for book 4 and so glad there’s already a book 5 in the works. I really want this to get a good following and fandom so we can get all the awesome fan creations to enjoy between releases.

4/5 Stars

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