Book Review: The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende

The story of the Trueba family follows 4 generations but the story is told primarily from the lifetime of Esteban Trueba who is also the primary villain of his own story.

When the story starts off, he’s engaged to this girl Rosa and trying to build up the funds to marry her. He doesn’t marry Rosa but he does marry her sister, Clara, who has supernatural powers, and after decades of floating tables and oppressing the natives living on the hacienda and parades of artists and witches coming through the town house and campaigns for political office and all three children in varying levels of estrangement, Esteban’s granddaughter, Alba, gets taken by the military regime during a political upheaval for her association to a communist revolutionary and Esteban has to turn against his own political party to save her.

It’s a wild ride with a cast of great characters all moving around this one awful man who takes far too long to look for redemption.

It makes for a really good book, though. 3/5 Stars

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