Book Review: Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire (Wayward Children #1)

This book was so great I immediately had a mighty need for it to be a series. I considered waiting until after I’d read the Prequel, “Down Among The Sticks And Bones”, but figured I could use the same justifications to wait until I’d read “Beneath The Sugar Sky” and that doesn’t come out till January 2018. Since time insists on behaving linearly, I decided I’d write a review for each book as I read them.

The basic premise of the Wayward Children series is that children occasionally find doors that shouldn’t exist and they are called through those doors into other worlds. Some of the children go to worlds where they are a perfect fit and would never want to leave but find themselves returned to the real world regardless. Journeys to other worlds change people irrevocably and the children who struggle to cope with this world are sent to a boarding school run by a woman who was such a child herself.

“Every Heart A Doorway” is rather short but extremely fulfilling. Nancy has returned from a world of the dead and found herself sent to Ellie West’s Home for wayward children. Nancy’s just getting used to the day to day of classes and group therapy when a classmate turns up dead and her past makes her one of the immediate suspects.

I’ll admit the only reason I even looked at this book was because Nancy is asexual and that met one of the challenges for Diversity Bingo 2017 but I’m so glad I found this book. I love the universe created but the characters are even better: a blunt and lyrical asian girl from a world of nonsense, a trans boy who was taken pre-transition and returned post-transition as the crown prince of the goblin throne, a vampire’s thrall and her twin sister who trained under a mad scientist, all longing for the other worlds they’d called home.

5/5 Stars. You will grieve this book being over. I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy, mystery, and horror.

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