Book Review: The Pearl that Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi

Rahima is a girl who becomes a Bacha Posh to remedy her family’s lack of a son. She is allowed to go to school longer than her sisters, work to help support her family, and enjoy the freedoms that young men have in Afghanistan.

When she’s 13, a warlord comes to her father and demands her hand in marriage. Her family’s attempts to put this off fail and Rahima is given as a bride to a man as old as her father.

After knowing freedom as a Bacha Posh, Rahima must learn to cope with the limitations and helplessness of being a warlord’s wife.

This book broke my heart so many times and there is despair almost around every hopeful corner. Every time something seems to be going well for Rahima, something tragic happens that tears her world apart all over again.

It has a happy(-ish) ending, I promise.

4/5 Stars. I do recommend reading this.

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