Book Review – Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore

Bloodsucking Fiends is a story of love, vampires, and late-night turkey bowlers. And I almost missed out on all of that. One of my good friends, whom I know to have good taste in books, had been trying to convince me to read this book. I’d been resisting because my to-read list is so large that I reject every recommended book the first time it’s recommended to me. I rejected this one for a while, but he gave me a paperback copy for my birthday. That meant I couldn’t just not read it.

I read it in two parts. The first section, I read almost all in one sitting over a weekend. It was funny, charming, and I loved all the characters. I even loved the old vampire. My particular favorite was Thomas Flood. He was so baffled by everything but took it in stride so well. He was maybe not the most considerate while she was asleep but he tried hard to keep her happy. It was sweet and wonderful.

Then I got into some other book that came my way and didn’t read for a while. It took a few months I think before I came back to it.

And even after a long break, it was all there waiting for me. I don’t think there’s any place in this book where you could take a break and not have something good waiting to re-hook you on your return. When I returned, the old vampire, Elijah Ben-Sapir, decided to kill someone on their doorstep and set off a series of mistaken for murderer adventures.

I finished the book over a few nights and went the next day to pick up the next two books. Reviews on them to come.

At this point, I sympathize with Elijah Ben-Sapir. I’m pretty sure he was just lonely and bored after being alive and alone for 3000 years. He’s just been looking for someone to connect with and creating that person has gone badly so far. I even shipped him and Jody for a bit and was actually happy when I thought she might run away with him.

3/5 Stars. This was a very fun book filled with awesome characters and I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes vampires, romances, dark mentors, or quirky misfits.

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